The Deaf Christian’s Prayer

The Deaf Christian’s Prayer

The Deaf Christian's Prayer

Do the angels sing in Heaven, Lord?
Will I hear music there?
Or must I stand in a corner
While others join in prayer?
While I wonder what they’re saying Lord,
As oft I do down here?
Must I sit in lonely stillness
While the bells ring loud and clear?
Can I read your lips in Heaven, Lord
Will I be brushed aside,
And stick my hands in pockets
Because of wounded pride?
Will all the saints there praise Thee,
While I in silence wait?
Will someone up in Heaven
Help me through the gate?
Then God, who loves the humble,
Whispered in the poor deaf ear
My child, has no one told you,
There is no silence here.
Hold out your hands, my little one,
For Heaven all to see.
We’ve heard them pray so many times,
Each prayer reached up to Me.
See, all the angels waiting.
The gates are open wide.
Your crown of life awaits you,
And I shall be your guide.
I have a song to give you,
You’ll sing both loud and clear.
And the song you sing, my dear one,
Will be the sweetest song up here.

 -Doris Isbell Crowe, 1955

As I read this prayer for the first time, tears streamed down my face as I thought of my son. I wasn’t crying because he is Deaf and in silence here on earth; I was crying because we have and amazing Heavenly Father who loves us so much that he doesn’t forget anyone, just because they have a different ability.  I have been asked in the past, how will your son learn the word of God or even know about Jesus if he can’t hear? Well I am happy to say that my son has every opportunity to learn God’s word because we, as his parents, have been learning sign language and we can teach him, just like anything else. And for our son to know Jesus, well I believe that God hasn’t forgotten Michael and that he speaks to him just as he would to us. You see, Michael has an advantage over hearing people because he can be in complete silence to focus on the Lord, while we deal with distractions all around us.

I was given the opportunity to share this prayer and some of our story raising a Deaf child on my friend Sherrie Clark’s radio show called the Truth Network. Please check out her radio program and her website, Small Voices Silenced. I am so grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to share some of our story. I pray that it touched people’s hearts and helped them to realize that although life can be tough and throw you curve balls, we can overcome any obstacle if we just believe and accept the help of our Heavenly Father.  Being a hearing parent raising a Deaf child isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. I love my sweet little boy so much and I am thankful for all the lessons I have learned from this sweet gift given to us; I wouldn’t have it any other way. Remember, Just because someone looks different, doesn’t mean they are not important or of value, because we all are important and have value in different ways.

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