Quianna’s Story of Hope and Inspiration

Today, we want to introduce you to our new friends, the Gargarita Family. Jec, Anna and Quianna (“Q”) are from Quezon City, Philippines. Jec and Anna are hearing parents raising a deaf daughter. Their daughter’s deafness has turned into a source of hope and inspiration for many other parents raising deaf/HOH kids around the world. Enjoy their story and then visit their website, Decibels of Hope and join their Facebook community as well.

Quianna’s Story of Hope and Inspiration

“Believe in what your children can achieve and that is all they need to live their dreams… “

Q's Story

– Anna and Jec Gargarita
Quezon City, Philippines

When the news hit us that our daughter is profoundly deaf on both ears, we were completely in shock. We did not know where to begin, or how to begin accepting that our daughter is deaf. Then we realized that our daughter will be relying on us, her parents, so we need to take action. Yes, our daughter happens to be deaf, but she is alive and we know there is something that we can do to make her life productive.

We started to work on our action plans, (my husband and I ) together with our whole family.

We talked to our audiologist, ENT, and we met people who gave us hope that indeed there is something we can do, there is a lot we can do. She was diagnosed at an early age and therapies can be done at a much faster pace. She started wearing her hearing aids at 3 months, then later on was upgraded to a digital one, that she still wears up to now.

She is now 4 years old…and just like any other kid, she is playful, inquisitive, curious and a bundle of joy for everyone. Nothing can compare to the joy when we first heard her say “MAMA”.

She goes to mainstream school currently. We are planning to get her an FM system soon (we are saving up for it) because she will need more audiological assistance to keep up with the demands of grade school.

We know, this is not yet the end of a life long journey. There will be a lot more difficulties, hardships and pains. The road will become tougher as the days go on, but we are prepared because we know it will be all worth it. The accomplishments will be ten times the joy because we know we have worked hard for them.

QOur nightmares of our daughter’s helplessness have all gone because we know tomorrow will be better, as long as we don’t lose hope.

Recently, we have set up a site that gives support, information and assistance to other parents raising deaf/HOH children. We want the site to be an avenue of friendships and support that will connect parents raising deaf/HOH kids regardless of the differences in approaches and methods that they have chosen for their kids. We invite you to visit our site Decibels of Hope. Please also read the stories of our growing community.

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