Compliments to Mrs. Donna – FSDB Speech Therapist

Today, I wanted to share with you about a special person in our lives and in many other people’s lives as well. I want to brag on a wonderful lady – Mrs. Donna. She is the speech teacher in the Early Learning Center (ELC) at  Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB).

Mrs. Donna

Teaching deaf children speech certainly takes many skills. More so, it takes a big heart. Mrs. Donna is a wonderful, kind, caring and passionate person and we are happy to know her. We first met Mrs. Donna last year when our son was in the ELC program. Finding a speech teacher who you like and is really good with your child is not always easy. Like anything else, you want to find someone who is passionate about their job,  understanding and wants to communicate with us, the parents, about the progress and needs of our child. We found this with Mrs. Donna. I have also heard from other parents that I have met at school and comments on this blog about how much they and their child love Mrs. Donna.

When our son started in the ELC Program last year, we were so excited to see the growth and changes that our sweet boy would be making, new friendships that he would form, experiences that would help him in life and so much more. However, We were not expecting all the love and support that we got from the school staff and Mrs. Donna.  Sometimes, I felt as if Mrs. Donna was my own personal cheer leader who encouraged me about everything.  She is always happy to give a compliment and listen to my every need or request. She also bragged on my son and showed compassion. She finds the good in people and is not afraid to tell you how great she thinks you are. I take my son to school every day, so I got to watch how she would interact with all the kids and you can tell she loves them all. Any child would be lucky to have Mrs. Donna for a speech teacher! Our family learned a lot from her and I am happy that she is still a part of our lives – even though we have moved up a grade and now have another wonderful speech teacher, Ms. Sharon.

Mrs. Donna & Michael

I wrote this today, because I want parents to be encouraged and know that there are  passionate people out there that will support and teach your child and encourage you (the parents) along the way. We just wanted to thank Mrs. Donna for touching our lives and countless others with all her hard work, dedication and compassion. We love you Mrs. Donna!!!

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